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About The Author

author Barney

Author William Barney is a theosophist master in esoteric scripture since 1996 and has a keen insight into the mysticism of the Divine.

Mr. Barney was born in Tucson, Arizona to a missionary mother and grew up all around the world, walking in the footprints of his Christian fundamentalist parents––was even ordained as a minister. At the age of twenty, he realized the mission field was not for him and therefore returned to the US and became a Law Enforcement Officer. Eight years later, he met G-d who delivered him from the desire to commit suicide. Shortly thereafter, he became spiritually enlightened through visions, revelations and a new comprehension in deep Biblical Scripture, coming to the realization that the Christian and Jewish religions contain many loop-holes. After his trip to the Holy Land in 2009, he became Gnostic in the sense of “learned” (not to be confused with the Gnostic society) and desired not to form a new religion, but to revitalize the most ancient Judaism and Christian belief. Mr. Barney is now a Kabbalist who claims he has always been a Kabbalist, even when he didn’t know anything about the sect.